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Tall Dresses

Dresses for tall women… it’s our obsession. Headlining this season are fresh prints, figure-framing midis and new takes on the wrap dresses you can't get enough of. With new arrivals every two weeks, here’s where you’ll find the ultimate edit.

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DRESSES - Our dresses are one of our bestsellers. We have new arrivals every two weeks, which allows tall women to consistently have plenty choice. Dress to impress with one of our classic maxis or figure flattering midis; and those are just two of the many on-trend styles that we design.

The waist and hip positions of our dresses are lowered to ensure that tall women don’t have to worry about it being ill-fitted. Tall ladies often face the challenge of sleeves being too short, but we make sure that our clothing is tailored to perfection. The arm lengths are lengthened, elbows are readjusted to accommodate the longer arm and our necklines are lowered in proportion for the taller frame. Shopping for tall women’s dresses has never been so easy.