23rd April 2020

5 Ultimate Tall Girl Exercises That Don't Need a Gym

Pushed for time? Skipped a workout? Stay fit in five with the essential exercises for the tall frame.


1. Standing rearfly

You’re a tall woman who works at a desk? You need this in your life. Workstations, even the most ergonomic, can constrict tall torsos so this is fantastic for really opening up the front of your body, as well as strengthening your back. Make sure your hands are at chest level holding the resistance band with palms open to ceiling.


2. Standing back extension

Long Tall Sally’s research shows that 63% of tall women have tight shoulders so this is vital for improving posture and back health. Palms face outwards as you ‘hinge’ at your bra strap. This is one you can do anywhere, even in the office.


3. Chest hug

Essential for the 76% of tall women who experience lower back pain, this really stretches out the entire length of your spine. Lie down, hug your knees into your chest, close your eyes and breathe long and slow.


4. Bridge

Amazing for strengthening the posterior line of your body. A lot of tall women flex forward causing compression. This really opens up quads, hip flexors and chest.


5. Squats

Arguably the best all round exercise for tall women, squats target every muscle group, including your core, and make your long legs look EVEN hotter. If you have knee issues, a wall squat is your best option with palms forward and shoulders blades peeled.

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