Meet 6’6" Haleigh from TLC’s My Giant Life

One of the coolest chicks we know

Haleigh Hampton, former volleyball player at Long Beach State, participant of reality show My Giant Life, and all around cool tall girl. We have a total girl crush. We hung out with Haleigh to chat about Season 2 of My Giant Life, her marriage to 5’8" Bryan, touring the LTS pop ups, height acceptance, and fashion!

Your hometown is Huntington Beach, but where are you currently living/working?
I am currently living in Cleveland, Tennessee. I coach volleyball at a local university and am attending graduate school.

How do you stay fit?
I lift three days a week and do cardio or some sort of exercise six days a week. I also eat pretty healthy so I can enjoy an active lifestyle.

Do you have any hobbies you are passionate about?

I am solar powered so I love to be outdoors, swimming in any body of water I can, hiking, playing beach volleyball, kayaking, and anything that gets me outside to soak up some sunshine. I am passionate about great Mexican food.

Did you enjoy filming for TLC’s My Giant Life?
I did and I didn’t. The whole TV personality thing is really outside of my character and comfort zone so it definitely took some getting used to, but the crew and producers on season 2 are awesome and so fun to work with.

Do people often recognize you from the show?
I get recognized more when the commercials or reruns are on which works out to a few times a week. Bryan actually gets recognized more than I do, most of the time it's his hair!

What can we expect to see in season 2?
Season 2 you see Bryan and I figure out first year of marriage and navigate our new life together!

You mention in the past when you only dated taller men because you liked to feel protected, do you feel protected with your 5’8 husband?
I absolutely do! He makes me feel so loved and adored and protected. Of course it helps that he always lets me be little spoon and goes to the basement for me when I need something. I've seen way too many horror movies to know that nothing good ever happens in a dark basement!

Are there benefits to Brian being nine inches shorter than you?
Yes! I get all the leg room when we fly together and shotgun when riding with friends….duh

Has your Dad warmed up to Brian?
Absolutely, he has. They actually get along quiet well and have created a unique friendship and bond.

What would you tell tall women whom struggle with the idea of dating a shorter man?
That it doesn’t matter! You love who you love and it doesn’t matter if they are short, tall, a different ethnicity, a different religion. It matters how they treat you. Find someone who doesn’t just make you fall in love with them but that makes you fall in love with yourself. Find someone who makes you laugh so hard you cry. Find someone that always reaches for your hand just because they want to be near you. Find someone who is proud to be with you and pushes you to be your absolute best.

I found that in Bryan. He just happens to be nine inches shorter than me. He makes me feel like I can do anything, and be anyone I want to be. I am constantly learning and growing with him and it makes the adventure that much sweeter.

You worked the US pop up shops, how was the experience?
It was a great experience, a crazy whirlwind of fun, work and travel and a time in my life I will cherish for years to come. When I was hired, my boss told me it would be a lot of work and I had no idea how much that actually meant, but when it came down to it, it didn’t feel like work because I was doing something I enjoyed and the ladies I worked with made it so fun and engaging. The women of Long Tall Sally are truly amazing and my favorite part of pop up tour was getting to know these wonderful, incredible, strong women. LTS has some seriously hot employees and I felt so lucky to get to work with them and get to know them over the last few months.

Did you enjoy meeting the customers?
I did! I got to help make someone smile and feel a little more confident walking out the door and that’s more than enough to keep me coming back to work day after day. I had a few customer interactions that changed me, changed the way I saw the world, they made it worth all the days spent away from my husband. I believe that some people are meant to walk into your life and be a part of it, even if only for a short while and I genuinely had a few of those people walk into my life as customers and came out friends.

What was the most memorable moment?
My most memorable moments were with the amazing ladies of LTS, all the random dance parties, the times spent out laughing until our tummies hurt, eating until we couldn’t move anymore, and the stories and love exchanged. The massage train we had going in New York is up there too!

Will you be working the AW pop up shops?
I hope so! I just started a new job and have crazy schedule but would love to continue working with LTS!

What pieces do every tall girl need in their closet?
A great pair of jeans that touch the floor and a dress that makes you feel sexy, beautiful, and confident (that’s long enough)!

What is your favorite LTS piece?
My black leather jacket! It is so comfortable and soft and looks good with everything. It is my most prized article of clothing. I get complimented on it all the time!

What is your inseam and have you found THE perfect pair of jeans?
I have a 39" inseam but I can get away with some 37" and 38" depending on the cut. I LOVE my Long Tall Sally black denim skinnies, they go with everything and make me feel like a rockstar.


At what age did you truly learn to accept and love your height?
I honestly didn’t truly accept my height until college. In high school I struggled finding friends and self confidence. It wasn’t until college that I felt like I hit my stride and truly accepted and fell in love with my height.

If there’s one thing you could have told your 13-year old self, what would it be?
That it's okay if a boy doesn’t ask you to the dance because one day you are going to meet your person and it won't have mattered that you awkwardly slow danced with the boy who took pity on you in middle school. Don’t miss out on opportunities, to have fun, let loose, and enjoy life because you don’t want to stand out and show your height. One day you will embrace your long beautiful legs and you will learn to love that you command the presence of any room you walk into.

When someone asks, ‘how tall are you?’, what is your inner monologue saying?
My inner monologue is much sassier than what actually comes out. Often times I find my inner monologue usually consists of “why are you so short, why are you so bald." It doesn’t occur to people that being tall could be an insecurity so they don’t think its cruel to ask. Growing up tall and insecure about it makes it so that every time you walk out the door you are wearing your biggest insecurity and having it constantly pointed out all day long. If you aren’t genuine or kind when you ask me how tall I am chances are I'll tell you I'm 5’11 and a professional underwater basket weaver.

What is the most badass thing about being a tall woman?
I am a strong, athletic, independent woman who can hold her own in any setting and my stature demands respect and authority. I am a natural leader and I think a component of that is my height and physical presence. Also my legs are long and strong even without heels!