Meet Lea, Head of Design and Sourcing at Y.A.S – and a founding member of the brand.

The Y.A.S team describe Lea as the link between their wishes, visions, ideas and the actual product. Lea’s approach is always to try and see everything through the eyes of Y.A.S which is the best way for the team to keep level between brand and customers.

We always try to push the Y.A.S girl a little further on trends and colours, however never compromising on the quality or the fitting.

LTS: Any key inspirations for the collection? Particularly the gorgeous prints?
Lea: A huge part of our design approach is to find inspiration within nature, graphics, and arts. This spring we were looking to create a link to the Japanese culture – while keeping simplicity and aesthetics in mind. Our designer Maria-Louise created the crane print by hand and reworked our entire colour palette into it. Personally, I love it and I think it embraces the perfect balance between print, colour, and summery femininity.

LTS: Can you talk us through your creative process, from drawing board to final fit?
Lea: Our creative process starts by mapping seasonal colours, trends and shapes. Both my team and I enjoy the start-up – this is where ideas flow and our brand develops in new directions. Once we have fixed colours we start drawing and sourcing fabrics. We constantly evaluate and discuss our choices – and as we work closely with the Y.A.S sales team and a few key accounts, we seek their advice as well. There is nothing better than handing over a collection. It truly gives me a thrill to pass on our work and see it come to life – both in the showroom, on our photo shoot and especially when spotting our items in the street.

LTS: Who do you picture wearing the collection?
Lea: Our collections are never meant for one type of girl. Clothing is about the individual expression each person chooses to create with her styling. Not choosing a particular girl is an active choice, and instead of finding faces and it-girls we look into how our lifestyle develops, what the needs or requests are – and what inspires us.

LTS: Which are your favourite pieces in the collection?
Lea: I have my eyes on the embroidery leather jacket – the craft and detailing are amazing.

LTS: Can you highlight any key spring colours in the collection?
Lea: I keep coming back to the dusty green tone – it comes out so beautifully both as a solid colour and in prints. The paleness makes it easy to wear with different textures and for different occasions.

LTS: Is there a Scandinavian influence running throughout the collection?
Lea: As we are a Denmark-based design team, we cannot help being inspired by our surroundings. Many Scandi-brands choose a certain colour palette, where we try to keep it more international and colourful. But if you look closely to our cut lines and silhouettes, we are definitely impacted by our architecture and nature. We will always pursue to enhance the feminine shape – this is above anything else in our design approach.

LTS: Talk us through the fabrics you use and why.
Lea: For spring 2017 we worked with a lot of natural fabrics – cotton especially played a big role. When we choose fabrics we always look for something new and for something which creates an add-on to the design.

LTS: Why are these pieces perfect for the tall silhouette?
Lea: When you are tall you still want to look and feel feminine, and with our approach to fitting and design, you will do just that. Y.A.S pieces hold such diversity – and as we design for every woman, we give freedom to mix and match product so you can feel both free and comfortable in your styling.

LTS: Which are the hero pieces of the collection?
Lea: I have to point out our dresses – and for me the hero is the frilled maxi dress with the off-shoulder detail.

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