11 Reasons to Fall in Love With a Tall Girl

…And her glorious long legs

The benefits of dating a taller woman are many, but we’ve rounded up some of the best reasons which will quickly become apparent to any guy lucky enough land a tallette!

1. Built-In GPS

Got separated at a concert or busy bar? Not a problem, because she's right over *there*. No more of those "Where are you? No, I'm over here!" phone calls, either.

2. Miss Independent

It’s always sexy when a woman can handle her own, including changing that lightbulb without a ladder.

3. Switching Spoons

Guys, if you've never been the little spoon at least once, you've simply never lived.

4. Selfie Masterpieces

Our gloriously long arms take selfies to the next level. Your future vacation photo albums will rival those of Kim Kardash, undisputed queen of selfies (…and belfies ).

5. She Can Keep Up

Longer legs mean she has a brisk walking pace, and bigger body mass means she can handle a couple more beers than the average woman. So now you’ve got a running partner AND a drinking buddy. Cheers!

6. Model Status

You can expect to receive a lot of attention when you date a taller woman. Relish the feeling of walking down the street with a leggy lady on your arm, because all those looks you're getting? That's admiration, my friend.


All-encompassing hugs. Need we say more?

8. She's got legs...

... and she knows how to use them!

9. Awesome Genetics

Expect beautiful, taller-than-average kiddos. Really, it's your duty to improve the gene pool by procreating with a tall woman (n.b this does not work as a pick-up line.)

10. The Perfect Fit

Because holding hands is never awks. No weird wrist or elbow angles. You just fit.

11. And Most Importantly...

Quite simply, there’s more of us to love. And more love can NEVER be a bad thing.

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