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If there’s one thing we love, it’s a little bit of retail therapy. But for many UK adults, shopping for new clothes that fit is not so simple — especially if you’re a tall woman! We asked people who identified as female and were over 5’ 8” tall to tell us about their experiences finding clothes that complemented them, both in-store and online. The results? Well, they’re pretty eye-opening.

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The verdict is in: the traditional high street is failing tall women. More than 8 in 10 (81%) of our over-5’8" respondents told us that the high street does not provide a good variety of women’s clothing for taller people. When asked if they struggle to find clothes to fit when shopping on the high street, more than three quarters (76%) said that they experience this “often” or “always”. Compare that with the fact that only half (52%) of our respondents who were below 5’8” said that they faced the same experience.

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Our survey revealed that far too many tall shoppers feel constrained when it comes to shopping for high heels — enough to put them off completely! At Long Tall Sally, we believe all women should feel comfortable embracing their height and standing tall — literally and emotionally! Looking for some inspo? Own your height with our guide to the perfect heels for tall girls!

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We all know the feeling of finding a pair of jeans that fit like a dream — we’re talking all over including waist, bum and thighs! But sadly, that dream becomes more like a nightmare if you happen to stand taller than 5’8”. More than 4 in 5 (84%) taller people said that the biggest challenge they face when shopping for jeans is that — surprise, surprise — they are always too short. On top of that, nearly a quarter (24%) said that they were too tight on their calves. Sound familiar? Check out our guide on finding the right fitting jeans.

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Here at Long Tall Sally, we pride ourselves on being the leading fashion retailer for tall women worldwide. We truly understand the difficulties taller women face shopping in regular high street stores. That’s why we’re constantly expanding our ranges to ensure finding your perfect fit whatever your height is as easy as it should be. That’s why we design and fit each and every garment on a true to size 6’0” tall fit model so we can guarantee our clothing fits and flatters in all the right places The bottom line is that what we wear has a huge impact on how we feel about ourselves. Being able to buy clothes that represent your personal style whilst also fitting in all the right places is a great way to boost confidence.

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Help us change the conversation by showing us the LTS clothes you’re working right now and tagging us over on our social channels @longtallsallyfashion on Instagram & Facebook! Or by using the hashtag #ImWearingLTS – you might even get featured!

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