Children wear what makes them happy. So when you look at fashion through their eyes, amazing things happen. Meet our six stylists, ages 6-8, who prove that style has no rules.


AGE: 6

WHEN I GROW UP: I want to be a gymnast.

MY FAVORITE OUTFIT IS: A pink sparkly dress.

I LIKE FASHION BECAUSE: I like to draw what my dolls are wearing.

Saraiya says:

"Gold is my second favorite colour so I chose a red bag with gold swirly straps, then I chose red shoes to match the bag. I wanted my lady to wear a pink dress because pink is my favorite colour in the whole wide world. I think this outfit is beautiful. I really like it. I called it ‘The Fashionista Style’."

I don’t want my lady’s arms to get cold so I put the cream top under her dress.

"I have quite an androgynous look, and can get mistaken for a guy, but in this outfit I feel great. Sairya has really made me think twice about what I can confidently wear." Sophie


AGE: 8

WHEN I GROW UP: I want to be a famous footballer.

MY FAVORITE OUTFIT IS: Anything with turquoise in it.

I LIKE FASHION BECAUSE: It’s fun picking outfits. If I could choose an outfit for a famous person, I would choose Olly Murs.

Kimberly says:

"I think Victoria will look very pretty in this outfit. I chose it because it’s colourful and bright. The dress has spots of colour and I like the sleeves - they have cute little turnups which look nice. The pink jacket is so soft, it will feel lovely to wear."

I think it all goes really well together, it’s a lovely outfit. I’ve called it 'Garden Party'.

"I wouldn’t have put these pieces together myself but they really work! Kimberly has a great eye, I want her to style my entire wardrobe!" Victoria


AGE: 6

WHEN I GROW UP: I want to be a princess.

MY FAVORITE OUTFIT IS: Has lots of sparkles.

I LIKE FASHION BECAUSE: I go shopping with my mum and help her pick things.

Inayia says:

"My lady is Katie, she is tall so I picked a long dress with nice patterns and I picked the shoes because they are shiny. She is going to look like a rock and roll star. I added a hat to make it a rocking outfit. I’ve called it 'Sparkle Dust'."

My favorite piece in this outfit is the dress. It’s really beautiful.

"Inayia clearly has a good eye for accessorizing! I think she did a great job matching the shoes and the bag, plus I really liked wearing the hat." Katie


AGE: 8

WHEN I GROW UP: I want to be a vet or an astronaut.

MY FAVORITE OUTFIT IS: Black and white. I love monochrome.

I LIKE FASHION BECAUSE: I love drawing and creating.

Bibi says:

"I am styling Pavan. She is so pretty with lovely long hair. Because she is tall I have chosen a long, floaty skirt with a pretty pattern and lots of colours. The top is black with see-through arms. It sits on her shoulders and will make them look nice."

This outfit is called 'Floaty Dreams'. I think it is going to make Pavan feel elegant because the top and skirt are both quite floaty.

"With clothes, I need someone to push me out of my comfort zone before I try something myself. And isn’t it ironic that it’s a child to do it?! Honestly that was the best surprise. Bibi did a great job!" Pavan


AGE: 7

WHEN I GROW UP: I’m going to be a fashion designer.

MY FAVORITE OUTFIT IS: A dress like they had in Victorian times. When I look back in history I wish I could wear them all the time.

I LIKE FASHION BECAUSE: I love dressing up!

Emily says:

"I think Dannii is really cool. She looks quite sporty. I’ve chosen patterned trousers with spots and diamonds – a bit like leggings but looser. I’m a fan of baggy trousers. I love the jacket because it’s the colour of wet grass and it’s long so it will keep her warm. She will look good in these earrings because they’ve got feathers and jewels that hang down and look magical. I think it’s important for Dannii to be comfortable in her outfit. I’ve called it 'Sporty Fun'."

I’ve chosen an outfit that Dannii could wear to the gym or to see her friends for lunch.

"This isn’t an outfit I’d choose for myself but I must admit it looks quite cool. I really appreciate the thought that Emily has put into this outfit." Dannii


AGE: 7

WHEN I GROW UP: I want to be a nurse or a singer or a fashion designer.

MY FAVORITE OUTFIT IS: Sparkly because I love glitter!

I LIKE FASHION BECAUSE: There are lots of different kinds. It’s really easy to change your look completely.

Keira says:

"My lady is called Zoe. She’s in the Army and has a nice smile and two little children. I think she’ll like this jumpsuit. It feels really silky and she can bend down to pick up her children. The shoes are lovely because they are heels – heels always look nice. I love silver so I’ve given her cute silver earrings and a silver bracelet. The denim jacket is so cool. It’s a fun outfit, I’ve called it 'Spotted Fun'."

I chose a spotted jumpsuit because I like spots, they make me happy, and because I want my lady to be happy.

"I’ve never worn a jumpsuit before. I didn’t think I’d be able to move but I can and I love it! It’s a really great outfit, Keira is a very clever little girl." Zoe

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What happens when you give children free rein to style a makeover photoshoot? #StyleHasNoRules is the groundbreaking campaign that rips up the rule book and celebrates fun with fashion. The twist in the tale? None of the models knew the true identity of their mini stylists…