Jade Parfitt, supermodel, mother, presenter, DJ, YouTuber and charity campaigner, is equally at home on the cover of Vogue as she is walking the Prada runway. Directing the #StyleHasNoRules fashion shoot like a seasoned pro, she’s the ultimate poster girl for body-positivity. And tearing up the rule book.

“The #StyleHasNoRules campaign is great because it changes perceptions. I’ve been amazed by the vision of the children who styled the outfits, and at such a young age! They genuinely had no help and direction – they did it all by themselves.”

“I loved being on set with these six women having their super-stylish makeovers, watching their confidence grow. It was great to see them embracing colours, patterns and silhouettes that they wouldn’t normally consider. And looking so fabulous in them! ”

“Fashion confidence, it’s a daily event. And sometimes I still get it wrong. Who has time to spend half an hour putting together an outfit? I have two kids; my priority is getting them out of the door on time and making sure they’re fed! ”

“Fashion is for fun. Life’s too short to take it too seriously. Whilst wardrobe staples, like great jeans and tailored jackets, are important, so too is stepping out of our comfort zone with something unexpected.”

The #StyleHasNoRules campaign is great because it changes perceptions.

“Even though I’ve been in fashion since the age of 15, it’s been a long journey to feel truly confident. Especially when you’re tall. I’m 6’1” and I know it isn’t always easy standing head and shoulders above your peers. Now, into my 30s, I’m all about standing up and owning your height. It’s always incredibly empowering being surrounded by tall, strong women.”

I’m all about standing up and owning your height.

About #StyleHasNoRules

What happens when you give children free rein to style a makeover photoshoot? #StyleHasNoRules is the groundbreaking campaign that rips up the rule book and celebrates fun with fashion. The twist in the tale? None of the models knew the true identity of their mini stylists…