Natalie Suarez on style, life lessons and the Parisian woman

11 quick-fire questions with the model, singer and Editor of NATALIE OFF DUTY.



Natalie Lim Suarez is living her best life. When she’s not hitting up the latest New York hot spots - just check out her Instagram - she’s in the world’s most beautiful locations, creating content for her website.

Born in Santa Monica, Natalie moved to New York City to pursue her modeling career. Three years later, she founded NATALIE OFF DUTY; a personal blog where she shares her adventures, projects and inspirations. Her biggest inspiration? “My sister, Dylana. We get to travel together, shoot together and bounce ideas off each other all the time,” Natalie says as we catch up post Paris Fashion Week. The Suarez Sisters have just returned from the city, along with a re-ignited love for its style and way of life.

So, what are the five Parisian lessons Natalie learned?

1. Live life by your own rules.
“Once you grow into your own skin, there’s this added confidence and strength. Have style icons but do your own thing, wear a black bra under a white blouse.”

2. Details make a difference.
“The trends that I love right now are oversized blazers, super small handbags, tiny sunglasses. I’ll be teaming them with key tailored pieces.”

3. Don’t try too hard with your appearance.
“Everything can be mixed and matched; I like complementing key tailored pieces with different prints and patterns. My three style basics are a black blazer, a tweed dress and black skinny jeans.”

4. Just let go and be free.
“Don’t take yourself too seriously. Enjoy the moment.”

5. Find your own freedom.
“In New York, everyone’s a hustler, a go-getter. It’s a completely different mind set to the Parisian woman, who doesn’t feel rushed for time.”

And how does Natalie find her freedom?

“I have my work, city life in Manhattan and then I have my real life in Brooklyn, which is slow-paced and a lot more homey,” Natalie adds. On her rare days off, you’ll find her in her apartment, cooking for the ones she loves, “I make a mean Malaysian curry.”

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