Meet Belle

Belle is Long Tall Sally's 6' fit model. And yoga teacher. And singer/songwriter.

It's true to say Belle has many strings to her bow. Over sushi we talk yoga, Buddhism and finding sleeves that are - finally - long enough.

'27 years ago my mum took me to my first yoga class and I've been teaching for 12 years. I'm also a yoga therapist for people with compromised health. I teach at the Home of Contemporary Dance Company in London's Kennington, it's a beautiful space.'

For the past 13 years I've been a practising Buddhist. If I can chant and meditate for an hour in the morning then my day rolls. Yoga and chanting are the tools I use to guide me to live a value creating life.

I've been a fit model for Long Tall Sally for four and a half years. I try on all pieces in the mainline range - from a red carpet dress straight into a fluffy onesie. It's not dull!

I wear LTS all the time. The clothes have been fitted on me after all! After a lifetime of looking for clothes that don't fit it's a pleasure to find trousers and tops that are long enough.

'I've sung all my life. I started out singing jazz, then French cabaret, then I started writing with a house music producer. I used to tour with a band called Chicane, then one day I picked up a guitar and I now have a whole bunch of songs.'

When I run yoga retreats I always get people singing. Why? Because when you're happy, you sing.

'I've just bought myself a Nutriblender. I'll soak buckwheat seeds to make a porridge and add avocados and banana. I'm vegetarian but I'll sometimes eat fish if I'm by the sea and it's fresh. I love an Earl Grey in the morning and a Rooibos tea in the afternoon with lots of water to keep hydrated.'

I'm a fan of bodybrushing. Always upwards towards the heart!

'I run lots of yoga retreats. We have one in Suffolk coming up from 16-18 October 2015, then Goa 3-10 January 2016. There are others in Puglia (where we have a fantastic chef) and Kefalonia too.’

Information on Belle's yoga courses, yoga therapy, workshops and voice sessions is available at Belle wears pieces from our AW15 collection, available now.