Eight fashion influencers let their kiddos style them and the results are astounding.

Our research shows that 65% of women lack fashion confidence, yet as a child, 80% wore what made them happy. When you look at fashion through the eyes of children, amazing things happen. In our #StyleHasNoRules campaign, we selected six women in a style rut for a makeover with a twist. The twist? Our secret stylists were actually children aged 6-8.

Eight fashion influencers took on our #StyleHasNoRules challenge. Scroll down for the results…

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Stylist and fashion entrepreneur Corri says Zelda, her two-year-old bundle of gorgeousness, took to the project immediately. Corri cut up the lookbook so her mini-stylist could curate her look. All pink everything!


It’s something I would have never selected for myself and I was astounded that it was a perfect fit for my style. It’s incredible that my two-year-old could broaden my fashion horizons.

Meet the 6' fashion blogger of Style + 72 and her handsome son. She cut up the lookbook, grabbed some magnets and let him go to town with no reservations!


This shoot was so fun because my little one got to participate and choose my outfit with no reservations. He helped me style it out and even got to play with the camera! I love what he picked and can’t wait to wear it. The skirt is beautiful with the accordion pleat details and the shade of pink is so stunning. The chambray top he chose is actually cut a bit longer, but works great tied up to add a little flare!

J. Enovy, founder of Tall District, was styled by her sweet seven-year--old niece Mari. And her mother, Marcia, was styled by daughter and teenage it-girl, Miah (J. Enovy's sister). Now that's a fashionable family affair like no other!

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What I loved about the #StyleHasNoRules project is that Miah and Mari were able to let their internal sense of style, creativity, imagination and knowledge of the people they were styling guide their decision making process. It was pure comedy to see my sister (14 y.o.) and niece (7 y.o.) debate about what they liked, what they knew my mom and I would not like, and which pieces they wanted to include in the outfits they chose together. I also really loved being able to include my mom, the source of my height confidence. She is the real MVP.

Lovable eight year old Gabriella has been coming into the Toronto LTS store with her mom, 6' Thera, for years. She's got an eye for style already so she was more than happy to pull a full look for her mom. ♥

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I LOVE LOVE LOVE this outfit. It’s so sophisticated and elegant but very comfortable. I’m so proud of my daughter and grateful for this experience.

Rajahnique, the 6' fashion blogger behind Tall N Natural, is the mom of four beautiful girls. Her eldest, 5'9" Kennedy, had little Charlie (five years old) style her while Rajahnique was styled by ten-year-old Madison. The end looks? Chic chic chic.

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I loved this campaign because my kids already have their own style (they remind me of every time I pick out a new outfit for them) and they were so excited to be able to express that style on me and their older sister Kennedy. Being that they both love pink and flowers, they both put together looks that they loved not based on rules, but on their favorite things, which is what I think we all should do! I loved both of the looks they put together!

Bestselling author and TV style expert, Jené Luciani has had her style advice segments featured on Access Hollywood, E!, The Wendy Williams Show, The Style Network, and more. So it's no surprise her charming seven-year-old daughter, Gigi, is a mini fashionista herself. I mean, look at that outfit!

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NYC mom of two, Lainie was thrilled to let her dear second grader select an outfit for her. And we love his taste.

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I am thrilled to have a stylish, yet comfortable outfit from Long Tall Sally that allows me to tackle my day as a busy mom and one that is thumbs up approved by my second grade son!

Singer/songwriter and model/actress duo The Girls With Glasses have serious style. Mother-of-three Summer let her little man, four-year-old Phoenix, style her and we LOVE her look.

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