Camilla Loves ♥ The Photoshoot

In our newest series, our creative director, Camilla gives us the scoop on what went down during our summer photoshoot.

Our Summer photo-shoot was a special one for me as it marked a year since my first photo-shoot at Long Tall Sally and it was the second time we traveled to Cape Town.

I loved it so much the first time we shot there and I fell head over heels in love with it all over again in November. The contrasting landscapes that make you feel like you’re in five different countries all at once, the cosmopolitan restaurants and the extreme weather that makes it impossible to pack for, I just love it.

We drove a couple of hours to the Atlantis Dunes, we were being transported by quad bikes through miles and miles of Sand Dunes until the quad bike could take us no further and we had to trek on foot, causing some serious thigh burn as we climbed and moved around from shot to shot.

I love this collection filled with linen and blues on the pure white sand backdrop.

Day three started off beautifully in my dream house, a stunning angular architecture overlooking the most beautiful beach, where we saw a seal at lunch time – highlight of the trip!

In the afternoon the sun was out and we traveled to a Salt Lake to shoot our ‘Nauti-(cool)’ story, the lake was sparkling white with salt crystals, as we started to shoot the sun came out and everything was looking beautiful.

We were four shots underway and all of a sudden the Salt Lake started to melt and crack, I walked off to recce for a new area to shoot on that was slightly less dangerous and as I returned our entire shoot team were knee deep in salty clay. We went from being petrified as we were scooping each other out of the sinking clay to absolutely hysterical as we drove back into Cape Town covered in grazes and mud, we did not stop laughing for hours. I have never and will never have a shoot day quite like that one.

Our alarms went off at 3.30am on the final shoot day to arrive to our farm location in time for sunrise. As we started shooting the sun rose on the golden heather field and as the sun set all the colours intensified, the gold next to the Khaki in our ‘Off Duty Dressing’ collection looked magical, it was the perfect way to end the shoot.