Dear Dad

5’11” Lauren from our UK PR team writes a heartfelt note to her 6’7” Dad for Father’s Day

Dear Dad,

Thank you for letting me stand on your feet and teaching me how to dance my first steps. I admit we shouldn’t judge my dancing ability on your current dad-dancing moves (cue the shuffle), but thank you for starting my love of music.

Thank you for making me laugh. From the cheesy dad jokes to the poem you pretended you wrote for mum, but actually stole from Google (caught you!) Your dry sense of humor has helped me nail those ‘do you play basketball’ comebacks.

Thank you for not acting your age. You’ve taught me to not worry what society thinks, but to live and love my life whatever my age, my height or the person I am. Although suggesting Ibiza closing parties for your 50th this year might be pushing the boundaries just a bit…

Thank you for keeping your sanity on the endless shopping trips. Being the dad of three daughters, you have the patience of a saint - and the arm length of a perfect clothes rail. You deserve a medal (and a grandson!)

Thank you for my competitive streak. At 6'7" you would always beat 12-year-old me in a race, but you knew just how much to push me so my long & awkward legs would carry me to first place. You’ve taught me to push myself to achieve the best I can in life and to do better than my twin. Not that I’m competitive or anything. Ok, maybe just a little.

Thank you for knowing what to say. From my first heartbreak to that school grade I didn’t quite get, you’ve always been my shoulder to cry on. And if there are no chairs around in order to reach your shoulders, your arms wrap around me enough times to give the greatest hug.

Thank you for the tall genes. Being 5'11" and working for the best global fashion brand for tall women is an absolute dream. I would be gutted if I wasn’t this tall, although if you had more control of my height it would be just your humour to put me in at 4ft.

Thank you for teaching me to stand tall. It definitely is the best view from up here and I can’t thank you enough for being the best Dad in the world.

Lauren xxx