Let's Talk Shoes

We asked over 3,600 women about their shoe buying habits

Key Facts and Findings

A huge thank you to everyone who took part in our recent shoe poll. We love that you loved it!

The results were fascinating. For example, 288 of you wear heels that are 4" and above. Go girls! While 38% of you feel more comfy with a modest 2" heel.

The most popular shoe size - UK9/US11 - clocked up 871 votes at 24%, while 291 women (8%) wear a beautifully statuesque size UK11/US13.

We loved this… 323 women said they've spent more than £200 on a pair of shoes. Perhaps not surprising that 447 women have hidden shoes from their partners!

By far the most popular shoe type is flats with 38% of the vote, yet a surprising 9% said they lived in heels.

1,545 women own between 1-20 pairs of shoes compared to 73 shoeaholics who own over 80. You're going to need a bigger closet ladies...

We had so much fun with this poll and fact is, we love getting to know you, so we'll be posting another poll very soon.