Monthly Muse: Bree Wijnaar

Meet your 6’4” tall sister and founder of The Tall Society

Bree, tell us, what is The Tall Society?
The Tall Society is a community for tall girls and women worldwide. It is a sisterhood, and for many of our readers a safe space to be themselves. We are a home for women of height with positivity, encouragement, and empowerment being our main pillars.

What inspired you to create The Tall Society?
A few years ago, we saw a lot of things changing in the media. I started to see more everyday women, owning who they are, including many confident, curvy women expressing themselves through fashion. They were actively addressing and discussing this skewed view of what beauty is. I was fascinated and delighted by the changes I was seeing. This is the era where female empowerment is at the forefront. We are standing in our truth and owning who we are, unapologetically. I love everything about it.

What I was not seeing, is a spotlight on women of height. I often had this discussion with my mom. I felt there was a void there, and after a healthy push from her, I decided to take charge and address what I felt was my mission. That is how The Tall Society was born.

What has been your biggest accomplishment with The Tall Society?
I am very proud of the level of content we create. There are so many incredible stories on The Tall Society, and I encourage people to poke around the different categories. A lot of thought went into some of our signature categories, like our interviewing series ‘Meet Your Tall Sisters.’ I wanted to make sure we were bringing fresh, original, recognizable, and different content. I think we have accomplished that.

Where do you see The Tall Society in 5 years?
Honestly, the sky is the limit! My priority is to continue our growth and continue building relationships with Tall Sisters everywhere. I am hoping to spread our brunches to more amazing and diverse corners of the globe. I feel like I have found my purpose and it most definitely is to continue connecting, empowering, and encouraging women of height.


We are a home for women of height.

How did you come to meet Long Tall Sally? Tell us about your first encounter.
I lived in London between 2007 and 2010 and worked at the Sheraton Grand Park Lane. One day I was looking for a winter coat and wasn’t having much luck. By chance, I ran into a LTS store. The name obviously caught my attention. I bought my first LTS coat that day. It fit my proportions and I was surprised, delighted, and emotional. It was an incredible feeling to find Long Tall Sally.

Three words to describe your style?
Colorful, comfortable, feminine.

What is your best piece of style advice for tall girls?
Try everything! The way we shop today has changed; a lot of it is online. In conversations with my Tall Sisters I still often hear, “Oh, I’ve never tried them.” The reason? There was no opportunity to try everything on. I would encourage all my Tall Sisters to embrace online shopping. I have discovered many brands that are great options for us by simply trying them out. Leverage those free shipping promotions that every retailer runs a few times a year. Long Tall Sally is dear to my heart because I’ve shopped there for so many years.

What current trend are you loving?
I love that many retailers are moving to more unisex pieces. Mainly in looking for shoes that has turned out to be handy, especially with brogues and sneakers. My boyfriend and I have the same size and we swap shoes sometimes, which is super convenient. I just love my LTS brogues and they go with everything: with leggings, jeans, even a skirt, depending on the type. They are comfortable and sophisticated.


It’s so important for tall girls to love what they’re wearing because if you feel good about what you’re wearing, you likely feel good about the way you look, and when you feel good about how you look, the energy you exude is a confident and positive one.

What are your brunches all about?
The ‘Meet Your Tall Sister Brunches’ are all about bringing our community of Tall Sisters together in person. It is an opportunity to stand tall, meet incredible women, and create new friendships. We love to take things ‘offline’ and make genuine connections with our community, and in my opinion the best way to do that is in person.

What is your favorite thing about travelling around the world to meet your Tall Sisters?
It is hard to describe the feeling and energy that manifest when I meet and hug these women that have supported our online community. I am making new friends across the country while connecting Tall Sisters locally with each other. Creating an environment that facilitates these new connections is so fulfilling and amazing.

Which brunch was your favorite?
I don’t have a favorite brunch really; each brunch has a new group of women to connect with that are fascinating. I can’t pick just one. I love each and every one of them!
Our most recent NYC brunch was incredible, memorable, and even emotional, as it is home turf for me and that is really where it all started. It was our second NYC brunch, and there were a lot of familiar faces. I can’t wait to head back to all cities and see everyone again and continue our conversations and friendships.

When can we hang out next?
Our next brunch is in London on June 17th, so please join us for some great food, music, and even better company at the W London. We currently have brunches scheduled for London, New York, Los Angeles, Amsterdam, Paris and Miami. More cities are in the works!