We gab with 6’1’’ rising country music singer, Brittany Brodie, discussing all things fashion and country music of course!

We have to know, what made you first realize you wanted to pursue a career in music?

I didn’t choose music, it chose me. It is in my bones, my blood and my genetics, it is who I'm, just like my height.

“I grew up in a home that always had music on and my parents and I had random kitchen dance parties. My parents were always telling me about different artists on the radio and television. I started performing for family and friends shortly after that, as well as choir as soon as I started school.”

We love your new single “Phoenix.” What inspired you to write it?

“I co-wrote Phoenix with Regie Hamm (Grammy nominated, American Idol Songwriter). He is an incredible artist and so inspiring. I'm very lucky to now call him a friend. We talked about experiences we had growing up and how hard it was, especially from being bullied. School was an awful time for me and I know so many people can relate. This song has such a powerful and important message that needs to be heard. That is how Phoenix was born.”

Who is your icon?

“Shania, The Spice Girls, The Dixie Chicks and LeAnn Rimes. They got me through the rough years of bullying all through school and influenced my music as well as personal style.”

Where do you find inspiration?

“Inspiration can come from anywhere. I could be talking to someone and their story sparks something in me. I could be in bed sleeping and wake up with an idea. Sometimes you have a melody and no lyrics or vise versa. It comes to me in many ways and sometimes it's a struggle to get it out the way you like and other days it flows very easy.”

What can people expect to see from you at a performance?

They can expect new music, and all of my heart and soul being put into it. They can also expect to see me dressed in fabulous clothes from LTS and killer heels!

Tell us, how did you discover us?

“I knew about LTS at a very young age because my Mama shopped there. LTS has always been and will always be my go-to store."

Three words to describe your style?”

"Easy, Chic, and Feminine."

Heels or flats?

"I personally wear both but mostly heels. Nothing makes your legs look sexier than in a killer pair of heels. The tallest pair I have are 4.25."


I went for quite a few years not wearing heels and missing out on the gorgeous art of heels because there was always such a stigma around it. Now I couldn't care less, so what I'm 6’1”, I'm rocking those heels!

What can’t you take off lately?

“I absolutely adore the nature floral top and coated skinny’s. They are so chic and versatile. You can dress them up or down. And they are both flattering and super comfy."

Do you have any styling advice for tall women?

"I would urge you to step into something else once in a while, try something new and see how it feels. You might surprise yourself. Dress for you, nobody else."

Brittany Brodie recently performed at the Canadian Country Music Week and has also been nominated for Toronto Independent Music Award for Best Country! Brittany is thrilled to be nominated. She says, "I'm in excellent company in the category, and with artists who were nominated for CCMA'S, so it’s very flattering." Check out more from Brittany on her website.