LTS Chelle causal enkellaarzen

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Geniet van je pashokje thuis. Bestel vandaag en betaal alleen wat je houdt.


Geïnspireerd op de western-stijl in een neutraal suèdine met een vrouwelijke bovenlijn. Combineer met zwarte skinny jeans en voel je als Kate Moss.

Pasvorm, stof en verzorging

Hakhoogte: 5.5 cm (2.0")

Lengte achterkant been: 12.0 cm (5.0")


Bovenwerk: Microvezel. Voering: Textiel/polyurethaan. Zool: Rubber

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  • Pasvorm: Normaal
  • Kwaliteit: 3.8
  • Waarde: 3.8
  • LTS Chelle causal enkellaarzen

    Oh so perfect


    I go ceilidh dancing and in order to be able to do the steps well you really need a pair of boots like these. They are so pretty and comfortable they are perfect for dancing.

    Tania would recommend this product to a friend.

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    • Verenigd Koninkrijk
    • Lengte: 178 cm
    • Lengtemaat: 86 cm (34 inch)
    • Schoenmaat: EU 41
    • Beoordeeld op: 8 dec 2018

  • LTS Chelle causal enkellaarzen



    Thought I had missed out on these boots by waiting too long to come down price wise in sale then became out of stock, but reappeared so wasted no more time and ordered them. They are so comfortable straight out of the box that couldn't believe it, fit really well and quality seems to be excellent as expected. Look fantastic with straight jeans and also go well with short skirts too so fantastic value especially with the sale price

    Keith would recommend this product to a friend.

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    • Verenigd Koninkrijk
    • Beoordeeld op: 30 jun 2017

  • LTS Chelle causal enkellaarzen

    pretty but cheap manufacturing and painful

    • Pasvorm: Normaal
    • Kwaliteit: 1.0
    • Waarde: 1.0

    I really liked these to go with leggings or jeans but they're just not right. I've worn them 3 times and given up. The heel is plastic (and loud!), the heel/trim pattern wipes off and the soles are too soft to last (worn 3 times yet sole looks 3 months old) but the completely unforgivable part is that they've nailed the heel on and covered the tack with a block: a small hard square block that painfully protrudes under the insoles! Ever had blisters under your heels? Avoid or learn not to walk!

    Davina Smart-Lautrey would recommend this product to a friend.

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    • Verenigd Koninkrijk
    • Lengte: 178 cm
    • Schoenmaat: EU 43,5
    • Beoordeeld op: 16 jun 2017

  • LTS Chelle causal enkellaarzen

    Great looking shoe

    • Pasvorm: Normaal
    • Kwaliteit: 4.0
    • Waarde: 4.0

    Very cute shoes on. I missed that they weren't leather. I prefer to only buy leather in closed shoes or boots. The original price made me think they were leather. Too expensive to buy regular price and not be leather. Great 2 inch heels. LTS let's make more 2 inch heels in all types of shoes. I'm​ 6 feet 2 inches. 3 and 4 inch heels are too high. More variety in heel heights for "cute" shoes.

    Miriam Hill would recommend this product to a friend.

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    • Verenigde Staten
    • Leeftijd: 55-64
    • Lengte: 188 cm
    • Lengtemaat: 97 cm (38 inch)
    • Kledingmaat: EU 48
    • Schoenmaat: EU 46
    • Beoordeeld op: 1 apr 2017