16 Style Tips For Tall Girls



'One key piece for every professional tall woman is a suit made for tall women that fits our body frames. Feeling comfortable and confident is important when you have a professional job, and a suit that fits perfectly is something that definitely helps me feel comfortable and confident.'


'A major life-changing style tip I whole-heartedly believe in, is that tall women should wear high heels. High heels will only enhance an outfit and show off a tall girl's best feature, her long legs. I know that some tall women shy away from wearing heels, but the truth is: we can't change our height, heels are a confidence booster and tall women look fabulous in them. When a tall woman wears a pair of heels, she is telling the world that she loves her height and that she is not afraid to own it!'

Charlotte McGuinness

'Don't be afraid to liven up your clothes by choosing embellishment, stripes, metallics, patterns, details, jewels, hats and all round dazzling, eye-catching accessories. Being taller than the average means we have far more space to adorn our outfits without it looking cluttered!'

Tessy Ojo

'I look around the boardroom and there's so much black. The two things I always go for are colour and dresses. They have a way of saying 'I'm a tall girl. And proud of it too!'


'For me, a woman who stands at 6'3 and has a 37" inseam, the ultimate staple piece is a great pair of jeans, and if they fit just how you love them buy 2 pairs. We all know the struggle of finding pants that are long enough, don't pass up on what fits and what you feel good in.'


'I think the most flattering thing anyone can wear is confidence. Wear what makes you feel amazing despite what the "rules" say and you will always win! I personally like a great skinny because it shows off my long, beautiful legs.'


'Don’t be afraid to mix and match! You can combine a t-shirt with a dress skirt, you can mix prints, you can wear heels with jeans. I encourage all my beloved Tall Sisters to look beyond their go-to looks and try something new! I promise you’ll have so much fun just playing around! Fashion should be fun!'


'High waisted jeans are a tall women's best friend. They are a great way to show off all of our legs in a pair of jeans.'