• 7 reasons every tall woman should wear cropped trousers. Yes really!

    Think you shouldn’t try the season’s biggest trend because you’re tall? We beg to differ. Here’s why…

  • If anyone can pull off crops, it’s a tall girl - you just need to find the perfect fit

    We know there was a time when wearing cropped trousers wasn’t a choice. We hear your woes. But LTS crops are made exclusively for you, tall girl. Yep, they hit the right lengths, have the knee in the right place and have that all-important longer rise.

    Karlie Kloss 6’2”

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  • There's SO much variety

    A super wide-leg culotte, a kick-flared skinny, a light wash turn-up or a brightly coloured capri. Your new favourite trouser is out there… it’s all about finding the right pair for you.

    Alessandra Ambrosio 5’9”

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  • Crops = office friendly

    Far from nerdy or awkward, when teamed with a crisp shirt and blazer, cropped trousers look seriously polished. They’re the easiest trend to blend into your work wardrobe and, let’s face it, much comfier than pencil skirts. Your style promotion awaits.

    Gwyneth Paltrow 5’9”

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  • They’re AMAZING for day-to-night styling

    A flash of ankle is the new sexy. Honestly, we can’t stress enough how convenient crops are. Put the days of heading home for a quick change behind you, this street style favourite works from brunch to the bar. And don’t be afraid to flash a little mid-section… a cropped trouser ❤️ a cropped top.

    Rihanna 5’9”

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  • Your workouts will be so much better

    Get on track! Not only are crops lightweight and comfy for running in, they’re great for s-t-r-e-t-c-h-i-n-g. Designed with breathability and support, they’re perfect for all-season workouts and will really raise your game.

    Khloe Kardashian 5’10”

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  • Crops show off your shoes!

    Loafers, mules, sandals, boots, trainers – cropped trousers look great with them all. Now we know you’ve got great shoes… so why not show them off? Give them the spotlight they deserve. And remember: crops make the perfect excuse to buy more shoes.

    Olivia Palermo 5’6” (We know she’s not the tallest but there’s no denying she’s a style icon!)

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  • Everyone wearing them wants your height

    Cropped trousers are everywhere. Bloggers, celebrities and fashion influencers are all sporting them - even rolling up long leg lengths to get in on the trend. And the best bit? Crops on a tall girl are way more flattering than on our shorter sisters. Literally the crème of the crop!

    Gigi Hadid 5’10”

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