To heel or not to heel

Meet Bree from The Tall Society, 6’4” and lover of heels.

Let’s start with the facts. I am 6’4 tall and I choose to wear heels. The heels I own range in height from 2-4 inches, making me between 6’6 – 6’8 tall. Thus when in heels I tower over most of the people. The same is also the case without heels as a matter of fact. On any given day I will encounter a combination – or indeed all – of the following reactions:

But you’re already tall enough! - ‘Why are you wearing heels? - WOW - Oh my god’ Mais tu es déjà assez grande ! Pourquoi tu portes des talons ? - WOW - Oh mon dieu

You look amazing! - You go girl! - Good for you! - Work it! Tu es superbe ! - Magnifique ! - Bravo !

So let’s cut to the chase. Why is there such a stigma on tall woman wearing heels? Why should we as tall women shy away from wearing heels to make the people around us more comfortable?

For me, having a clear overview of the room standing at 6’6 in my lowest heels is a powerful feeling. So on an average night out you can find me standing up straight and enjoying the view. People watching like everyone else but with a 6’6 first class seat.

The stigma runs deep and while writing this article, I felt compelled to google: Tall Woman in Heels. What would come up, what are people truly thinking? Some of the headlines that I came across were: “Why do tall woman wear high heels?” “On tall women wearing heels: when does it begin to look awkward?” “What men really think: Tall women in high heels”

So we as tall woman know that we will receive our fair share of unsolicited opinions when in heels. Let’s flip the script. Would you ever hear the same comments made to average or shorter ladies? I think we know the answer here..

You are too short, you should wear high heels.

Now that just sounds silly doesn’t it? Then why are tall woman experiencing the opposite? A culture change is needed and I believe voicing our opinions is part of it. Because the simple answer is; we wear heels, because we can. That’s all folks.

One thing is for sure. If you wake up in the morning and are considering wearing a pair of heels, it is YOUR decision. Nothing or no one else matters. If heels make you feel beautiful, sexy and statuesque then girl, what are you waiting for? Grab those stilettos just as quick as you would grab those ballerina flats!

For me heels will always be a staple in my wardrobe because they make my legs look amazing and they are simply what ties my outfits together. I’m no authority on this topic. I’m just a tall girl with an opinion.

My fellow tall sisters; I hope you choose to wear what makes you feel beautiful, elegant, empowered, comfortable and ready to take on the world!