These are America’s longest legs

Holly Burt, 6’5” tall with 49.5” legs, models our activewear collection.

21-year old Holly Burt, with legs that go on for d-a-y-s, models pieces from our SS16 activewear range. In this exclusive interview she talks teen angst, boyfriends and the power of #teamtallgirls.

I always feel real solidarity with tall girls. I love the #teamtallgirls hashtag.

From hip to heel Holly’s legs measure a gorgeous 49.5”, a half inch longer than the current record holder Lauren Williams' 49” pins.

‘I was a late bloomer. I was taller than my second grade teacher and had a bit of a rough time because I was so lanky – I was called Daddy Long Legs, tree or giraffe. I was also the only one in the group without a boyfriend. I guess I didn’t really grow into my body until I was 17.’

I’ve been getting so much tall love - it’s crazy. My Instagram DMs are all from tall girls asking for advice.

’My advice for tall teens is this. Trust me, wait 'til college and it’ll all get better. Now I absolutely love being tall. It’s awesome! Us tall girls look great in jeans, we don’t gain weight, we can get on every ride at the amusement park and at concerts we’re phenomenal.’

'And there’s loads of tall hot men to date in New York. I have a rule that I won’t date anyone under 6’3”. Check this, New York Knicks have just drafted a 7’3” player!’

'I work out almost every day and I am LOVING the LTS activewear collection – these leggings are actually long enough!'

Do I wear heels? Hell yes. I love dressing up and looking sexy. I feel so pretty in heels.

It’ll come as no surprise to learn that Holly comes from a tall family. 'My mom is 6’and my dad is 6’2” although I swear they’ve shrunk. My sister is 6’1” and a year and a day older than me.’

Holly freely admits that being 6’5” comes with challenges but says ‘you’ve got to embrace them. Everyone wants to have their photo taken with me on the street. That’s cool, as long as they ask. They have to ask otherwise it’s just rude!'

One guy said to me in the street "I’m going to climb that tree like a monkey”. I mean really?!

Holly wears pieces from the current LTS activewear collection. Photos shot on location at Equinox West 50th St, NYC.

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