6'5" Laura shares how she found her confidence.

I’m tall. If you’re reading this, I assume you’re tall as well and likely navigating your teens, which when combined, can be tough.

Having been through these things myself, I hope to empower tallettes of all ages. I’ll be honest, and nod to some of the seemingly painstaking phases, but also tell you how I learned to embrace my height.

Your friends will be shorter than you.

Except for that one guy in my middle school, I was the tallest student in my grade and probably in the whole school. While some of my friends were tall, they weren’t ‘over-six-foot’ tall so even among them I stood out. My true friends never minded that I was taller than them. Reality is, when you’re among friends, you won’t be focusing on your height! Plus, you stand out from the pack, there’s no way you’ll get lost in the crowd. So make sure you’ve got a killer outfit on (that’s where we at Long Tall Sally come in)!

Do you play basketball?!

We’ve all heard it: “Do you play basketball?” If I had a nickel for every time I was asked this question, I’d be on vacation right now. I’ll admit, it does get repetitive, especially if you don’t play basketball, or volleyball, or any other sport, but DO take it as a compliment. Everyone who does play a sport is massively jealous of you and your natural gifts. Let’s be real, there are definitely much worse things than people assuming you are naturally athletic. Just wait until someone asks if you’re a model, or suggests you should be one. Instant. Confidence. Boost.

You can’t wear the same clothing as all your friends.

Let me just be blunt here. Would you rather wear the same clothes as all your friends that don’t fit you, or wear something a bit different that looks amazing on you? This should be a no brainer. Those H&M tees and Aero jeans are just not going to be long enough. Wear clothes that fit. I promise you will feel 100x better about yourself.


Your peers will make tall jokes.

This is an unavoidable part of being tall. Someone will make a joke about the weather, or being a giraffe, or something equally unoriginal. It might be a friend, or a complete stranger, (which is the absolute best), and for some reason these people tend to be quite short. Just let it roll off your back. They’re secretly jealous.

To wear heels to prom, or not?

Ah Prom, an excuse to get all dolled up, buy a gorgeous dress and new shoes. Most of your besties will probably be wearing heels because a) they want to be taller and b) heels make your legs look amazing and kick up any outfit an extra notch. We don’t need to worry about needing to be taller, but who doesn’t want their legs to look extra amazing?! Truly, after a certain point, what’s an extra few inches when you’re already taller than everyone? You know everyone will be kicking them off an hour in so trust me- if you’re unsure, give the heels a chance.


Laura Parent is a store associate at Long Tall Sally in Toronto, CA. She is 6’5 and wears a US size 15 shoe. Laura will be studying Creative Industries in the fall and eats, sleeps and breathes tall fashion!