21 awesome tips to
flatter the larger foot

Footwear bloggers and Long Tall Sally girls share their top tips for beautiful big feet

  1. 'Once I figured out what I could and couldn’t wear everything was so much easier. I know I can’t walk on anything higher than a 3” inch heel, so I don’t grab a 4”. I also know that I am a curvaceous lady and need a sturdy heel, preferable a block heel to hold my weight. Knowledge is power my beloved Tall Sisters!'

    Bree | The Tall Society | UK 12 / US 14

  2. 'My top tip? Remember, espadrilles are your best friend. As well as being super chic and comfy, cap-toes are really flattering on larger feet.'

    Camilla | LTS Creative Director

  3. ‘The 70s are back in a major way. Square toes and chunky heels are on the feet of cool girls everywhere. If you wear a large size, they minimize larger feet, support longer frames, and look incredibly fresh - especially when paired with other 70s staples like jumpsuits. Ta ta, confining pointy toes! It's now hip to be square.'

    Kacy | The Height Of Style | UK 11 / US 13

  4. 'Heels look great on women no matter the size of the shoes or the height of your body, commit this to memory! Also, the same way black clothing can be slimming, all black shoes can make your feet look smaller.'

    Rajahnique | Tall N Natural | UK 10 / US 12

  5. 'Highlight your feet! My fave tip is to dust shimmering bronzer along the top of my foot. Not only does it slim the foot it also camouflages any foot imperfections. So highlight those tootsies, don't hide them!'

    Thera | Cloud 14+ | UK 10 / US 12

  6. 'Treat your toes right. Never underestimate the power of a standing pedicure appointment, I give my feet some much needed TLC once a month.'

    Ginny | Footwear Model | UK 11 / US 13

  7. 'Crossover detail and tie up design gives me a great way to own my big feet. You can't get around the fact of having larger feet so you might as well embrace it and accessorise them! Other people will pick up on your self-confidence and won't make those embarrassing comments!'

    Isobel Pooley | GB High Jumper | UK 11 / US 13

  8. 'Flattering a larger foot is simple; just throw on a pair of shoes you LOVE! From heels to sneakers, if you love what you're wearing that’s all that matters. Sit back, relax and wait for the shoe compliments to start coming!'

    Beck | Manfattan | UK 10 / US 12

  9. 'Straps and heels are a large foot's best friend. Straps break up the width of the foot so I always look for a heel that incorporates at least 3 straps - the more straps the better! Also, the higher the heel, the shorter the foot appears, so don't be afraid to rock those stilettos!'

    Nadi | The Tall Muse | UK 9 / US 11

  10. 'Don’t be afraid to embrace embellishment! Bows, buckles and lacing provide a focal point for the eye to fixate on and make feet appear more petite. And they’re so on-trend right now.'

    Jessie | LTS Senior Assistant Footwear Buyer

  11. 'I believe investing in good shoes is crucial because we literally live on our feet! I think investing in one or two new pairs of shoes each season is well worth it—to keep both your feet and your style in tip-top shape!'

    Laurel | The Lovely Bee | UK 10 / US 12

  12. 'Wear what you like. Don't be afraid to try trends because you have a larger foot. I'm obsessed with white shoes right now - they are epically cool.'

    Kellie | And I Get Dressed | UK 11 / US 13

  13. ‘Block heels are perfect for girls with wider feet. A wide foot will push more against the sides of a shoe so a thicker, stacked heel will help with balance and support.’

    Chris | LTS Footwear Buyer

  14. 'I see hundreds of women at our NYC pop up and I always recommend trying a wedge. Even if it's not your typical style, try one on. Wedges flatter from every angle including your own.'

    Candice | LTS US Marketing Manager

  15. 'Shoes that tie up are one of my fave styles. I love how flattering they are on long legs and they also come in handy with pant styles that don't have the extra length for tall women.'

    Shahirah | Shahirah Ahmed | UK 10 / US 12

  16. 'Shorter trousers – cuffed, Capri, cigarette - show off ankles rather than feet. Almond shaped ballerinas and boots are the most flattering and stiletto heels elongate the leg rather than the feet.'

    Nellie | LTS Flagship London Store Manager | UK 8 / US 10

  17. 'Throw the rules out the window and pick a shoe that makes you feel sexy. No matter what they look like, if you love them, you will exude confidence. People will be gazing at your amazingness and not at your feet.'

    Alicia | Tall Swag | UK 10 / US 12

  18. 'File and moisturize, ideally 2-3 times weekly with a 25% Urea based cream to soften the keratin in your skin. Use a sandpaper type foot file before bathing.'

    Jane | Lead Podiatrist at Sole Sister

  19. 'Follow your shoe heart and use trends as your style inspiration!'

    Chichi | My Lovely Big Feet | UK 12 / US 14

  20. 'Shoes featuring straps and embellishments look good on any foot, larger or not.'

    Sandra | LTS Heartland Store Manager | UK 9 / US 11

  21. ‘Heels? 100% YES! Heels are fun, make you feel amazing, lengthen and slim your legs and give you confidence.'

    Jo | LTS Footwear Technologist | UK 9 / US 11