7 Secrets a Tall Girl Will NEVER Tell You

Our most intimate secrets laid bare

Shhh! We probably shouldn’t be sharing this kind of sacred knowledge outside of the tall community, but here we go…

… Presenting seven closely-guarded secrets a tall girl will never tell you, starting with the gents:

Sure, some women limit themselves to only dating 6-foot-plus dudes – and that’s fine – but for the most part, there is a long list of things we look for in a significant other before we get to height. As long as you check all those other boxes, we generally couldn’t care less if you’re shorter than us.

So stop worrying about it, because that in itself is a turn off! But an even BIGGER turn off to avoid:

And we’re not talking about being infatuated in a good way. Worshipping us like Egyptian goddesses is encouraged; stressing at us because we’re taller than you is not. Trying to convince us to wear flats instead of heels so we’ll look ‘shorter than you’ only achieves one thing: it makes us want to insert our size 12 heels into you.


This one sounds like it’s obvious, but given that we get told at least ten times before breakfast that we’re ‘tall for a woman’, perhaps this really is hidden knowledge.

We’ll pretend it’s a surprise every single time, but secretly, we know.

We know.

When we’re at a music concert, there’s a small voice at the back of our heads that reminds us we’re probably blocking the people behind. But then there’s a really loud voice at the front of our brains yelling “This is amazing. Best view in the house.”

Sorry. Call it payback for all the times we reach stuff for you from high places. #SorryNotSorry

“With your height, you should be a model!”
“You know, you’re wasting your height.”
“Why don’t you get into modeling?”

Et cetera.

It’s flattering that you think we’ve got the figure for it, but at the same time, most of us already have careers. We’re not just bumbling through life waiting for job advice from random strangers.

Yep, we know exactly what we’re doing when we rock up at the bar and instantly get served ahead of everyone else.

“Margarita, rocks and salt please.”

We may not all hang out together – that would probably look strange – but there is a very real and deep bond that exists between us tall girls. Entire conversations have been fired up with complete strangers purely because we’re both tall. At the very least, you give a slight nod of the head and a smile to a fellow female on the street who is part of the secret tall club.

Oh, and by the way: we all agree that we’ve heard every single height joke before. Guaranteed.

In summary, all you need to keep in mind is that we keep an eye out for each other…

… and occasionally swap notes.