How we use cookies
What are cookies?

When the internet was first created, websites were stateless. That is, the website didn't know when someone visited a website whether they had just arrived at the site or were browsing from another page on the site. Obviously this made it pretty impossible for functionality such as baskets and checkouts. A solution known as cookies was developed. A cookie is a very small text file which a website can save onto your computer and which is then sent back to the website each time you visit it to enable the website to tailor it's services and provide functionality such as shopping baskets and checkouts. Cookies can be set to expire after the session (when you close your browser) or at a predetermined date in the future. For more general information about cookies and details on how to control how your browser handles all cookies please visit here or here.

Why are we explaining all this?

The European Union passed the 'Privacy and Electronic Communications Directive' which states that websites must provide clear information about how they use cookies and give users means to not have cookies saved on their computer unless thay are strictly necessary for the functioning of the website. We strongly believe that the use of cookies is very important for making Long Tall Sally the best website for tall women across the world and are happy to give full disclosure here of exactly how cookies are used on our websites. There is also information below detailing how to opt-out of third-party tracking on our site in line with the Information Commissioner's Office recommendations.

So how do we use cookies on

When you visit our website, we will place a session cookies called 'JSESSIONID' on your computer which enables the shopping basket and other core functions of the website to function correctly. We will also place a cookie called 'ltsUserCookie' with a 1 year expiry which enables us, for example, to remember the items that you have saved in your basket and the language and currency settings for the website. If you log in to our community site we will place either a session cookie or a 14 day cookie (depending on whether you check the 'remember me' box) which will begin with 'wordpress' to enable the forum and commenting systems to work fully. We feel these cookies are strictly necessary for the website to function fully and do not directly offer a means to opt out of them as without them the website doesn't work properly.

We use McAfee Hacker Safe to monitor our website to ensure your ongoing security and safety when ordering from us online. You will see the Hacker Safe logo at various points on the website (and in the footer of every page) as a reminder. When McAfee display this Hacker Safe logo, they will also place a session cookie on your computer - this is called 'resin' and is from the website ''.

We use Google Analytics to monitor our websites. Google Analytics agregates information which means that you can not be identified individually but we can see, for example, which categories of clothes on the website are the most popular or if there is a problem with the basket or checkout process. Google Analytics will place a small number of cookies on your computer with expiry dates ranging from half an hour to 18 months - all these cookies will begin "__utm" and will be from our website. If you wish to opt-out of this tracking, please visit this page

We have previously used Coremetrics Analytics to monitor our website. We are in the process of removing this but in the meantime you may see cookies 'cmRS', 'cmTPSet', '90223163_clogin' or '90223163_clogin' from our website. To opt-out of Coremetircs tracking, please visit this page.

There may also be a cookie called 'test_cookie' with a very short expiry date from '' (a Google company) which you will see only when we are testing different aspects of our website. For example if we are testing two different versions of our homepage. To opt-out of this testing, please visit this page.