Thank you mum for the tall genes

Our 6’ (and a half) Head of Content, Vicky, writes a from-the-heart letter to her mum Jackie, thanking her for the best gift of all.

Dear Mum,

Thank you for teaching me that height is actually an awesome gift. Aged 12 and 5’10” I was pretty damn sure it wasn’t. I wanted to go incognito, blend in like the other kids, but no. Standing head and shoulders above my Year 3 peers and relegated to the back row of school photos, it certainly didn’t feel like a gift. But three decades on, and standing at 6’ (6’3” in heels), I get it now mum. I really do.

Thank you for teaching me to stand tall. Remember when I used to shrink into myself by popping my hip and cocking my knee? In my mind it made me three inches shorter. In reality I looked like I had spinal issues.

Thank you for making me smile through the tears when the Year 5 girls called me Skyscraper. And that day when the bus driver didn’t believe I was 13 and I didn’t have enough money for the adult fare. *Shudders.

Thank you for all the plasters on my scraped knees when I went through that phase of tripping over thin air. I was all limbs. Limbs everywhere. I like to think I’ve got the hang of the coordination gig now.

Thank you for reminding me that it’s my right to wear heels. And you’re right mum, it’s a little man - in every sense of the word - who can’t have a taller woman on his arm.

Thank you for showing me that true height isn’t measured in feet and inches. You’ve lost a couple of inches over the years mum (admit it, yes you have) but you’ll always be a tower to me.

Thank you mum for giving me the best view of life. I love it up here.

Love always from your not-so-little girl

Vicky x