She's Taller Than Me

Evan Blum defies society norm in one hilarious video!

Evan Blum's brand new video, She's Taller Than Me, has been doing the rounds at the LTS offices this morning and we absolutely love it. Hilarious but with a very empowering message, we caught up with Evan to find out the details.

No matter the difference in height, I gotta say, it feels so good to love you girl

We had a chat with 5'5" Evan to find out all of the deets behind this awesome video:

LTS: Do you have any inspirational advice to shorter men that are enamored with a taller lady?

Evan: My advice would be radiate confidence and walk right up to them and look them right in the eye and make them laugh, also driving a sports car helps.

LTS: What’s the best advantage to dating a taller woman?

Evan: It feels like an accomplishment to get over the barrier of societal norms, plus it’s just nice to be the small spoon.

LTS: What made you want to make this video?

Evan: This video is a celebration of personality coming first and foremost in a relationship and giving the middle finger to what is publicly accepted.

LTS: Do you typically date taller women?

Evan: Yes, and damn it feels so good.

LTS: What do you love about taller women?

Evan: Tall women carry themselves very well, they’re elegant and beautiful, and hey they can help you reach things from the top shelf