Four Essential Steps To Perfect Summer Skin

Elkie, our A/W shoot makeup artist, tells all.

Elkie is a miracle worker. An ACTUAL miracle worker. On set of our autumn shoot we witnessed her turn tired skin into a fresh, dewy canvas. 'Tell us your secrets Elkie' we cried. So she did…


To prep your skin for summer its is extremely important to exfoliate. The best body and face exfoliators are not purchased in stores but ones you can make at home. It's so easy and you can tailor it to your own preference. Just combine sugar or salt with almond oil or olive oil and you have an all natural, chemical free exfoliator that you can also use on your face. Adjust salt or sugar quantity to your preference.


Using a good moisturiser during summer months is key to keeping that summer glow. A moisturiser containing an SPF is also very important to protect skin against UV damage that can cause pigment changes and sun patches. My favourite moisturiser is Dermalogica Pure Light TRX SPF 30, which is a medium to light weight moisturiser and excellent primer for foundation due its reflective properties. Its a perfect addition to your summer routine to achieve that beautiful summer skin.


If you don't want to wear too much foundation during the summer is a good idea to get a reflective primer. Its all about using the sunlight to help your skin look glowing and healthy. I recommend using Charlotte Tilbury 'Wonder Glow' for instant glamour, under, over or instead of foundation. For a more subtle sheen to your skin BareMinerals Prime Time 'Brightening' foundation primer is a soft light weight alternative and can be used on its own.


Bronzer is a must, all year round. But it is extremely important in summer to create a cohesive colour from body to face. I like to slowly build up the bronzer to achieve a natural look. Two products that are make up artists favourites are Chanel "Soleil Tan" that is a pressed cream bronzer and Guerlain "Terracotta" bronzing powder. Both can be built up slowly and also used a subtle contour colours.

Elkie is our hair and makeup artist for our A/W collection dropping 19th July.

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