• Diary of a Tall Girl

    Pages from a diary you'll absolutely, 100% relate to.

  • 1. In-Built Selfie Sticks

    To get selfies as good as ours, you'd need a crane.

  • 2. Everyone's Fascination With the Weather

    File this one under #WeveHeardThisMoreThanOnce

  • 3. Tall Hugs

    Bring it in.

  • 4. No Such Thing as a High Shelf

    Can't reach that thing? We're happy to help... unless it's the last one, and we want it. Obviously.

  • 5. Because if We Let You Hold It...

    ... könnte er für unsere Augen gefährlich werden. Nein, danke.

  • 6. Santa's Little Helper

    You should see how long our stockings are, too.

  • 7. Department Store Mirrors

    Because apparently nobody above 5'4" buys clothes?

  • 8. THAT Question

    Another one for #WeveHeardThisMoreThanOnce

  • 9. Which Do You Want Wet?

    You may only pick one.

  • 10. Spreading the Love

    It's our mission in life.

  • 11. Eyes, Meet Boobs

    (Not everyone thinks this is a problem.)

  • 12. *THWACK*

    Have fun spending the next five minutes trying to separate your hair from nature.


    We're not even safe in our own homes!

  • 14. Who Were These Seats Made For?!

    30,000ft with your knees around your ears. It's the only way to fly.


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