Melierte Jersey-Jacke

Artikelnummer: 02L18

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Grau melierte, unstrukturierte Jerseyjacke zum ganzjährigen Tragen. Schlichte, aufgesetzte Taschen.
„Mit einer lässigen, weiteren Passform aus weichem, meliertem Material. Wir schlagen in dieser Saison den Kragen UND die Bündchen hoch!“ Jo, Einkäuferin

Passform, Material und Pflege

70 cm (27.5")
69 cm (27")
73 % Polyester, 23 % Viskose, 4 % Elastan.

Nur chemische Reinigung

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  • Passform: Passgenau
  • Qualität: 3.8
  • Preis: 3.8
  • Melierte Jersey-Jacke

    Love this jacket - comfort and style that dresses up the most casual outfit.


    This is such an easy-to-wear style, and is very comfortable to sling on. It dresses up the most casual of outfits. And the pockets are perfect for a large smartphone!

    Steph would recommend this product to a friend.

    Bewertet von
    • Kanada
    • Schuhgröße: EU 44
    • Bewertet am: 29. Sept. 2016

  • Melierte Jersey-Jacke

    Stretchy fabric: finally!

    • Passform: Entspricht der Größe
    • Qualität: 4.0
    • Preis: 4.0

    I'm so glad this jacket has stretchy fabric! In normal jackets my upper arms fit too tightly because I have muscles. Too bad the jacket cannot be fastened in the front. Still, I would love to have more jackets in stretchy fabrics at LTS! Especially in nice colors like purple, magenta, royal blue, navy and grey. (I've had to buy black clothes so often for lack of options, that I usually refuse to buy those anymore: I'm not in mourning!)

    Tessa Smit would recommend this product to a friend.

    Bewertet von
    • Niederlande
    • Alter: 35-44
    • Größe: 188 cm
    • Beinlänge: 94 cm (37")
    • Kleidungsgröße: EU 40
    • Schuhgröße: EU 43
    • Bewertet am: 28. Sept. 2016

  • Melierte Jersey-Jacke



    Had to return as enormous on me. Sadly out of stock of smaller sizes

    Sandra Bullough would recommend this product to a friend.

    Bewertet von
    • Großbritannien
    • Bewertet am: 27. Sept. 2016

  • Melierte Jersey-Jacke

    Cute! But square.


    As a size 6, UK 10 I enjoyed it. It was a bit shapeless however I enjoyed it! I liked the fabric lighter and was waiting for a piece like this. I love the colour and think it's a good throw on. A couple of other ladies tried it on when I bought it and they didn't look at good but I truly love it. Into my suitcase for my Paris trip that goes as my LTS collection grows <3

    Teo would recommend this product to a friend.

    Bewertet von
    • Kanada
    • Bewertet am: 26. Mai. 2016

  • Melierte Jersey-Jacke

    A bit frumpy

    • Passform: L
    • Qualität: 3.0
    • Preis: 2.0

    I have been after a jacket made from this fabric for some time and was delighted to find this one on LTS. Lovely fabric and good quality. It's just shapeless and a strange fit - a little frumpy looking. It's probably more suited to slimmer ladies as it did me no favours! If it was more structured, more fitted and perhaps in a different colour. Navy or dark grey maybe? Then it would be great!

    Hampton would recommend this product to a friend.

    Bewertet von
    • Großbritannien
    • Größe: 185 cm
    • Kleidungsgröße: EU 46
    • Bewertet am: 25. Mai. 2016