Samantha Schnurr, fashion writer at has big feet, a big heart and… (she's first to admit) a big mouth. Here she celebrates five reasons it's awesome to have a large footprint.

1. There’s more surface area to show off that fabulous new pair.

Big feet = big shoes. Big shoes = more surface area for great style. If you're buying sequin platforms for a night on the town, you automatically get to have more sequins on your foot than your friend's pair in a size 7. It's simple elementary school math.

2. They are your best personal weapons.

In times of danger, your feet can be one of your greatest weapons. If someone is bothering you at the club when you're just trying to get your groove on, there's nothing one swift stomp on his or her toes won't cure.

3. People will spot your shoes from a mile away.

Much like greater surface area, big feet means your shoes will be noticeable from further away-like when you're strutting down the street in your new pair of gold strappy wedge sandals. What kind of fashionista wouldn't love that?

4. You’re an even better athlete.

Bigger feet allows for better balance, easier kicking, and larger strides— characteristics that can benefit all kinds of athletic performance, from the soccer field to the basketball court.

5. They’re YOUR feet.

No matter what size they are, your feet are yours and yours alone and no one else in the world has them. They deserve to be treasured in all of their unique big-footed glory.


Samantha Schnurr works on the Nightly News team at the NBC Bureau in Washington, DC and covers all things fashion for She daydreams about Italy daily, and has a major girl-crush on Oprah Winfrey. To read more about the musings of her everyday big-footed life, visit