Meet Fiona

We talk to Fiona Burrage, Creative Director of Nor-Folk (a graphic design led lifestyle brand) about accepting yourself for who you are.

I've always been one of the tallest in my class/club/friends and, from an early age, I'd always slouch to fit in and not stand out. Finding footwear that wasn't dowdy or uncomfortable was incredibly hard and also expensive as a teenager.

As you see, to accompany my longer-than-average body I've also been blessed with larger feet than the average female, to accompany my longer body than the average female. When I put it like that, it stands to reason there should be a ratio between the two!

I wear the aesthetic I like and hunt out designers who create the style that suits me (and my shape/body).

I'm not sure whether it was having my son Stanley, who is now three, or just reaching the magic 30 milestone that helped me come to terms with 'my lot' but something, thankfully, fell into place. I've finally found my style I feel comfortable in and it's not driven by trends. I don't feel pressure or obligation to buy what's in fashion or what 'bag' I need. I wear the aesthetic I like and hunt out designers who create the style that suits me (and my shape/body).

As for my style, I am a tom boy, and that's okay. I am most comfortable in trainers and think nothing of wearing them to a 'business meeting' but I don't want to fall into a rut of convenience. I wouldn't say I wear heels as I don't feel the need to accentuate my 35 inside leg length - nor are they particularly practical. I am always on the go, whether that be running around after Stanley or shooting a campaign for my business, so I need shoes that are comfortable and can facilitate my lifestyle.

Summer is by far my favourite time of year and I will live in sandals for the next couple of months. Last year I bought a beautifully minimal pair from LTS with a gloss finish, which have been safely nestled away for now. I've added two pieces to my summer wardrobe - the gunmetal gold sandals and the black peep toe pair.


Like everyone, I'll have days when I feel self conscious about an element of my body, quite often my feet, but wearing a pair of shoes/trainers/boots that you really love and most importantly fit you well, will absolutely give you more confidence. I for one know that when I feel confident about my choice in clothing I am more assured in the decisions I take.

My style isn't for everyone and nor should it be. Life would be pretty boring if we all looked the same, but I can say hand on heart there is something really empowering in accepting who you are.