She raises the bar

All eyes on 6'3" high jumper Isobel Pooley. Next stop Rio.

Isobel Pooley , on track for a podium finish at the 2016 Olympics, models the latest Long Tall Sally collection in London's Chiltern Street, home of our flagship store. In this exclusive interview she talks hopes... and heels.

I wore my silver medal for at least a week.
If I get an Olympic medal I'll wear it for a year.

'Winning silver at the Glasgow Commonwealth Games 2014 with a massive crowd of supporters was amazing. Part of my performance is to embrace the crowd and put on a show. I'm an entertainer not just a high jumper... it's in the job description!'

'My other highlight of 2014 was jumping 1.96m, a new British record. I added 4cm to my PB in one day which elevated me to world class level.'

'Beijing World Championships will be the highlight of 2015. And the warm up for Rio. I've trained incredibly hard this winter. I know there's a big performance there.'

I'm not just a hopeful. I'm a world class performer.

'High jumpers reach their peak in their late twenties. I'm only 22 but I'm learning some big grown up lessons.'

'My style? Comfortable and relaxed but I love to frock up and be a showstopper.'

Ultimately I believe I can jump in excess of 2 meters. Definitely.

‘When you’re this tall you’ve already got people’s attention so you may as well do something with it. Rock your height I say and wear those heels.’

‘I think the new collection is fabulous. The waistcoat is my favourite. It feels amazing on… a pleasure to wear.’

Us tall people are headturners by default.

'I hit 6' when I was 13. Growing up tall felt like a challenge sometimes but it’s how you deal with it that defines you. I’m so sad when I see tall people slouch, it tells the world you’re self conscious.'

‘We have Dutch genes. My dad’s 6’10”, my mum’s 5’10”, my 17 year old sister Alice is 6’5” and into rowing. She’s one to watch.'

I love this Chiltern Street store – it’s just got EVERYTHING. It’s always a special occasion when I come here.

'If the high jumping hadn’t worked out? My ambition was to be a vet. I got a first in my degree in animal science in Nottingham. For now though I’ll stick with the day job!'

In Long Tall Sally I’ve found a community of tall people. It’s lovely. It’s quite profound to know I’m not alone.

I’ve learned that height is a fantastically positive gift – it’s something to be embraced.