9 festival struggles only tall girls will relate to

So many benefits come with being a tall girl. However, for us festival go-ers, the same problems keep coming up, over and over again. Whether you’re a hardcore raver or you’ve only been to Bestival once, you’ll relate to these tall girl festival struggles…

1. Having no space for food in your case because your shoes take up all the room

Shoes or spaghetti? There’s only one winner. Let’s just say, we spend a LOT of money at the food stalls…

2. Forgetting to call shotgun on the way there and spending the whole journey cramped

It’s amazing how one tiny word can make such a difference. Dead legs + the really long trip from the car to the campsite = not great.

3. Three man tent = one tall girl tent

Seriously, we need to introduce new measurements. There is no way our limbs make up the size of two grown men.

4. Acting as the meeting point for the group because you’re so easy to see in a crowd

“I was gonna say let’s meet by the big wheel but we can spot you a mile off”. Every year.

5. Waiting on your short friends to catch up while walking from stage to stage

… and thinking of all the ways they can compensate if you miss the start of Beyoncé.

6. Never getting asked to sit on people’s shoulders

We get it, we already have a much better view than most of the crowd but it would still be nice to be asked.

7. Being constantly wary of bottles hitting you in the face

Call us paranoid but we know what’s in there and it’s NOT nice. Ducking our heads every few minutes seems kinda worth it.

8. Having to turn into a contortionist to use the portaloos

There should be some sort of training for this. We would totally commit to a portaloo programme… as long as it’s flexi.

9. Being surrounded by people in fancy dress yet receiving all the attention because of your height

“Yes, I am tall, you’re right”. Meanwhile, there’s a guy stood next to us in a giraffe costume and a girl dressed as a spaceship.

Yet, thanks to your beautifully long arms, you have amazing pics to prove that you somehow survived the festival (and that long legs look the best in denim shorts). It may take a while to recover but you have enough memories to last a lifetime… or at least long enough to ensure you go again next year.



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