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Best Gym Wear For Tall Women


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If you’re searching for the best activewear for tall women, then you’ve come to the right place! Our gym wear is designed to make you feel confident and comfortable. Our activewear features longer length sleeves and inseams up to 36″, ensuring that the fit is comfortable and flattering for taller frames.

Here at Long Tall Sally our clothing is designed to accommodate and flatter taller body types. Whether you’re hitting the gym, going for a run or just lounging around, our activewear is perfect for all your needs. Look to our guide for the best tall activewear and feel your most confident.

So you will be ready to sprint, squat or swim your way through 2024.

Tips & Tricks for Finding the Perfect Fit

  • High waisted leggings: Compared to regular leggings, high waisted are more flattering as they fit well and allow you to entirely focus on your workout without worrying about them falling down.
  • Squat proof leggings: Breathable and keep you comfortable. They are also great for coverage as you go about your workout.
  • Sports bras: Not only do they allow you to feel fully supported during your workout, but out they are also great for absorbing sweat.
  • Breathable t-shirts: The choice of fabric impacts your performance, and keeping a lightweight t-shirt on keeps you cooler during your workout.

What to Wear to The Gym

What to Wear When Running?

Running gear is lightweight and designed to cool down your body when you are out and about burning calories.

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Tall gym leggings are perfect for comfort and style. Made from stretchy fabric, they fit to your body without restricting you they feature a high waist and thick elasticated waistband. To finish off the look, our running tops for tall ladies are made from stretchy materials and are fast drying and absorbing. They also feature thumb holes, which are great to stop your sleeves from rolling up or shifting when you are putting those miles in on the treadmill.

What to Wear to Yoga or Pilates?

The best yoga clothes for women are all about being flexible and breathable. A well fitted top or sports bra is needed so that it doesn’t come over your head and interrupt your lesson, especially when you are stretching out in a downward dog position. Paired with some tall active leggings you’re all set as these classes don’t require shoes.

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What to Wear Swimming?

Swimming is a great way to blow off some steam and keep your fitness levels up. Tall women’s swimwear is designed for longer torsos and frames, so you can ensure the perfect fit and remain focused on the laps ahead. Or, if you are not into laps and more into lounging on a sunbed, we have that covered too.

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What to Wear Underneath It All?

An essential piece of clothing to remember are your underwear essentials! Knowing what to wear whilst working out is difficult, but as a guide, we recommended well-fitting and supportive sports bras and underwear that’s light and allows for flexibility.

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Sports bras for tall ladies are made to allow support and movement, whilst keeping you cool and covered. Whether playing a high or low impact sport, sports bras will keep you comfortable and stylish.

Additional Pieces

To bring any gym outfit together requires a well-cushioned pair of trainers. Whether you are going for a run or running errands, these trainers are your go-to. Featuring a cushioned sole, lace-up fastening, and breathable knit mesh finish, these are the perfect pair to allow your feet to breathe whilst keeping them blister free!

Looking for more inspiration? Shop activewear for tall ladies.

Show us your favourite gym wear combo by using the hashtag #ImWearingLTS over at @longtallsallyfashion on Instagram & Facebook – you might even get featured!