• To celebrate Mother’s Day, we asked you to share the best piece of advice your mom has ever given you. Try reading these without smiling.

  • "It's nice to be beautiful, but it's beautiful to be nice."

  • "Stand tall and stand proud. You will always stand out, make it for the right reasons."

  • "Travel, travel, travel."

  • "Enjoy your life. Remember to smell the roses along the way!"

  • "If you go on vacation, make sure your house is super clean before you go. You don't want people thinking you were a pig if you don't make it back and they have to go in your house!"

  • "Kindness always wins."

  • "Never drive faster than your guardian angel can fly!"

  • "Tall or short, everyone's the same size in bed. Date who you want." (Married to a 5'6" now)

  • "Don't write anything down that you don't want anyone to see."

  • "Do what makes you happy."


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