The 6' tall fashion duo tell all

Long Tall Sally: Your HøFSistersTall Fashion Journal is a wonderful read. When did you launch it?

HS: Thank you! We launched HøFSisters in March this year and it has been such a fun journey - not least because we get to spend so much time together. When we first started we thought the blog would only be a small part of our business, but we have had such great feedback from our readers, especially since the launch of our new website in August, that it has become the main part!

Is HøFSisters your day job or do you have alternative careers?

Hannah: I decided to take some time out from my career in finance and I’ve been working full-time on HøFSisters since we started. I’d done 10 years in the City and felt I really needed a change from everything a job in finance entailed.

Zoe: I have been a full-time mum since my youngest son was born ten years ago, so when Hannah decided to take some time out and was talking about setting up HøFSisters, I jumped at the chance to get involved. It allows me to work during school hours but still be there for the boys when they need me - a win-win in my book.

Which outfit posts do your followers engage with most (website or Instagram)?

We find that Instagram allows the most immediate connection with our followers, and we have a very high level of engagement on our posts. The ones that resonate most are also the ones we have had the most fun taking, so we like to think that our followers appreciate our sense of fun! The website allows a more in-depth interaction, and we often have readers asking for advice on specific outfits or pieces. It’s fun to get to know people and help out on a more personal level.

Fast forward a year and where do you hope your HOFSISTERS website will be?

Ooh, that’s a very interesting question! We are working on an exciting project which will allow our readers to buy select items at exclusive discounts through HøFSisters. We will provide updates via our newsletter or by emailing [email protected] Also, our tagline is ‘A Tall Fashion Journal’, so we are looking to produce more content every week on a wider range of topics. Recently we featured an interview with the model Olivia Inge, and going forwards we will do similar features with inspiring tall women.

Are you tempted to launch your own tall fashion line? Or maybe a collab?

In the early days we were very passionate about launching our own fashion line, but now we feel that the most exciting opportunities lie in forming collaborations with both the brands and fashion boutiques that we love. Collaboration is such a positive term; it represents an opportunity to combine forces with experts in their field to create unique ranges for tall women with a focus on great design and cost-per-wear.

How would you describe your individual styles? Any key go-to pieces?

Zoe: As a full-time mum of two energetic boys, my everyday style has to be practical, first and foremost. But I take pride in how I look, and don’t want to slip into being lazy about fashion just because I have to do the school run. The more effort I put into my fashion choices, the more enjoyment I get out of life - though I am also aware there are far more pressing issues than wardrobe dilemmas. My go-to pieces are currently a pair of suede Boden ankle boots and a chunky roll neck from Gap - proper autumn dressing!

Hannah: HøFSisters involves a lot of running around London - discovering new boutiques and brands to share with our readers. My everyday style, therefore, is comfort-focused and ease of getting dressed and undressed! I love to wear flat, unisex shoes like Superga or New Balance, a pair of comfy jeans and a chunky, knit jumper. When I’m working from home, I’m usually found in my Long Tall Sally pyjama bottoms! It’s all a great relief after wearing corporate attire for so long.


Dressing a tall silhouette: is there one golden style rule you always adhere to?

Don’t slouch!

What are your favourite pieces from our new CURATD.xLTS collection?

We loved the Boiler and Tuxedo suits because they allowed us to breakaway from our everyday styles. It was very liberating and empowering. We also love the sleeveless ribbed body for its deep V and great fit.

How do you find the experience of surrounding yourselves with tall people? Empowering?

One of the main reasons we love doing HøFSisters is because through it we have discovered an amazing global community of tall women. This community is a diverse group of people coming together in an immensely empowering way and while we have never felt defined by our height it is a wonderful thing to be part of. Similarly, we always love the experience of visiting Mum’s hometown, Copenhagen, because we can immerse ourselves in a sea of effortlessly cool, tall people! #inspiredbyscandi

10. And finally, which tall women inspire you?

We both love Elizabeth Debicki! In The Night Manager, she is super sexy and so utterly at ease with her height and her body.

We also hugely admire Christine Lagarde. She is the first woman to head the IMF and the first woman to become a finance minister in any G8 economy. Impressive, and stylish too!