Introducing 5'10" Dana, author of the excellent How I Met My Outfit blog

Long Tall Sally: Hi Dana! Tell us a little about you and your blog.

Dana: Okay, where to start? I'm from Cologne, Germany and I have been blogging for almost two years now on How I Met My Outfit about fashion, beauty and lifestyle topics. HIMMO began simply as a hobby, but as my love for fashion grew, I began to blog full time and now I'm unbelievably grateful to have the opportunity to invest even more time into my passion.

Fashion, to me, is an amazing means of expressing my personality and creativity

LTS: How do you define your style?

Dana: I would say that my style is a combination of casual looks and unique it-pieces, as well as playful boho and hippy styles. Generally, I am not devoted to only one look, and I'm happy to let myself become inspired by new fashion trends. I would describe my style as “wearable” and “a great everyday-look."

LTS: What do you look for in the perfect black dress?

Dana: A top priority for me is that I feel absolutely comfortable and that I am able tp move freely. Dresses that I constantly need to pull down to sit correctly are not my thing. The most important tip for finding the perfect black dress is definitely that it should make you feel comfortable – everything else is up to personal taste.

You can practically wear anything as long as it is worn with conviction

LTS: What does fashion mean to you?

Dana: Fashion, to me, is an amazing means of expressing my personality and creativity. It is so incredibly fun to discover new fashion trends and then to experiment and play around with them. Overall, it's extremely important to me not to take fashion too seriously – fashion can accentuate our personalities, but it does not make us who we are.

LTS: How Do you feel in your dress from TTYA x Long Tall Sally?

Dana: Everything I look for in a dress – I feel incredibly comfortable and free. The dress has an amazing cut, sits fantastically and is the perfect length on me. Other than the fit, I love the top-quality suede, cut outs and the tassel details.


LTS: What styling tips can you give to other tall women?

Dana: There is actually only one piece of advice that I give to all women: the most important thing is to feel comfortable in your look, because this exactly when you shine! I find it incredibly difficult in today’s fashion culture to adhere to do’s and don’ts – these days, you can practically wear anything as long as it is worn with conviction.

Thanks to Dana of How I Met My Outfit for taking the time to hang out with us! You can follow her on Instagram here.

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