1st May 2020

15 Reasons To Wear Stripes (And Every One Of Them Is Right)

From Chloe SS20 designs to Stella McCartney’s statement-making dresses, stripes are everywhere this season.

Now more than ever, they’re striving for space in your wardrobe. To remind you of the print’s power, we’ve compiled a list of 15 reasons to wear stripes.

1. They’re one of the most wearable trends this season (if not ever)

Tees, trousers, trainers… there are SO many ways to wear stripes.

2. Stripes suit everyone

Let’s be honest, there aren’t many trends a two-year-old girl and 79-year-old man can both look good in.


3. We can’t think of a time when stripes weren’t in

Same trend, different styling: from Audrey’s 1951 ensemble to Karlie Kloss’s 65 years later.


4. Stripes are full of stories

No seriously. The Breton stripe? Introduced in 1858 as the uniform for the French navy. The Pinstripe? Used by London banks in the early 19th century to identify their employees.

5. Coco chanel wore stripes

…and changed the face of casual womenswear with them. Drawing inspiration for her 1917 nautical collection from the French sailors, Chanel broke away from the heavily corseted fashion of the time.


6. Stripes come in all shapes and sizes

Bold or classic, wide or slim, straight or wavy… Just remember: the wider the stripe, the bolder the statement.

7. They’re the best outfit refreshers

Looking to reinvent your basic block separates? Shop stripes

8. They’re hands down the most versatile print

Morning, evening, wedding, walking, work… Stripes tick all the boxes. All the time.

9. Stripes can make you look sporty (even when you’re not)

“Fitness-dedicated or just fashionable?”  Switch up your favourite leggings for striped joggers and leave people guessing.


10. There’s a stripe for every mood

Feeling glam, going grungy or not going anywhere at all? There’s a stripe for that. Don’t believe us…

11. Gal gadot at the wonder woman premiere

Think stripes and special events don’t mix? Think again. Gal in Givenchy is all the inspo you need.

12. Kurt cobain on tour in 1993

Less preppy, more edgy; Kurt nails nonchalant dressing in this now-iconic jumper.


13. Rosie huntington-whiteley chilling

Fact: lounging has never looked better.


14. You can never have too many striped tops

Crew neck, loose-fit, red and white, classic navy or even a tie sleeve – it’s all in the detail

15. Stripes encourage you to experiment

It’s the print where everything goes. Florals, spots, statement accessories… embrace them all. Reason why: those striped trousers.


Source instagram.com/ms_audreyhepburn,  https://www.instagram.com/taken-by=karliekloss 5 Coco Chanel in 1930, with her dog, Gigot –  Photographer unknown, instagram.com/wonderwomanfilm, Kurt Cobain -Photographer K Mazur, instagram.com/rosiehw