Up close and personal with the three awesome fitfluencers behind our campaign.

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Three incredible women. One inspirational message: stand taller and stronger in 2017 to be your best yet.

With 196,000 Instagram followers, Emma is a force in the fitness space. Having only discovered her passion for fitness in January 2013, her rise to Insta-fame has been meteoric. Her secret? ‘Sharing my fitness transformation, being humble, being honest and posting nice pictures!’

One look at Emma’s Instagram and her passion for good healthy food is immediately evident. Of her Clean Eating Challenge, she says: ‘I try to show that healthy eating is not boring eating, and that you can cook great recipes and still stay in line with your fitness goals. It’s not all just salad, salad, salad!’ Take a look at Emma’s #TALLERANDSTRONGER 5-day healthy eating plan.

Averaging five weekly gym sessions she focuses primarily on heavy weight training with minimal cardio; three lower body sessions and two upper body each week.

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A lot of tall women develop bad posture because we have to bend down and also because we don’t feel confident about our height. It’s really important to do the right corrective exercises and to feel comfortable in your own skin. Build your uniqueness!

Canadian born Charlene is truly an inspiration; this is a woman with UNBELIEVABLE energy. Not to mention a CV as long as it is varied. With 24 years in the industry she is a qualified Pilates instructor and certified with the National Strength and Conditioning Association. Charlene loves mixing the two, especially to strengthen tall women.

And with Sports Science and Education degrees under her belt, AND experience working in a cardiac rehab centre with stroke patients, she loves ‘…doing everything from online fitness programmes to corporate wellness workshops to coaching private 1-2-1 clients.' In 2015, Charlene was one of three women to make the top 10 global finalists in the Life Fitness Personal Trainers to Watch competition.

Diagnosed with viral meningitis in 2010 - ‘I understand fatigue based issues’ - she says that learning self-care has been an interesting exploratory journey that has helped her develop empathy. 'In short', she says, ‘I love helping people become the heros in their own healthy stories.’ Be inspired by Charlene’s five Ultimate Tall Girl Exercises.

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As we get older our bodies change, it’s important to accept our bodies at every stage in our lives and be comfortable in our own skin so we can move forward and enjoy our lives.

Designer of our #TALLERANDSTRONGER fitness videos, Sharon has been training regularly for 15 years and loves it so much that last year, she made the leap to become a full time REPs level 3 qualified personal trainer at The Gym Group. Before her big career change she worked as a freelance digital project manager - ‘now I build people, not websites!’

She knows from first-hand experience that years of desk work usually results in rounded shoulders, tight chest and hip flexors, and weak glutes and hamstrings. ‘Get your office to install some standing hot-desks.’ she urges.

‘Recently, I’ve been training a tall client who’s getting married in January; she has a history of issues with hip alignment, bad knees and poor posture due to desk work. Her strength has increased massively; she’s been the most amazing client and is reaping the benefits of regular, consistent and progressive training that has targeted these issues. Her chiropractor said the improvement in her posture and alignment is amazing.’

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My advice for tall women sitting at a workstation? Use a stability ball as a chair. It really engages your core, makes you sit up straight and you can’t cross your legs!