We talk to Christine de Lassus, celebrated stylist and creative force behind our New York AW15 shoot. From sources of inspiration to key trends, she talks all things fashion.

Do you have an iconic women of inspiration?

I love Tilda Swinton. She is a huge inspiration, I think she is so amazing. She is such a great actress, and I love the way she dresses and how she imposes her difference in her looks with grace and not in a conformal way. To me she is my fashion icon. Not only fashion, art, movies, everything.

What three things in your handbag do you never leave home without?

Iphone, iphone charger, and my keys, so I can return home.

What are your three favorite pieces from our autumn collection?

I love the fringe cowgirl boots, I thought they were really cute, fun, and playful. The biker jacket. I’m wearing one myself right now, it’s like my go to uniform. The biker jacket gave attitude to everything and really helped to break up the look. The boyfriend jeans were great, the boyfriend jacket was really cool also.

What is your personal go-to source of inspiration?

Magazines like Italian Vogue and French Vogue. I always look at Interview Magazine. I really respect what Karl Templer is doing with it. I would say it’s my favorite magazine at the moment. Otherwise, the streets of New York in the ‘80s and ‘90s have always inspired me and been a strong source of inspiration. It’s a lot of things, it’s art, it’s couture, it is every city I have been to. Travelling inspires me a lot, not directly with fashion but with the visual imprint of seeing new cities, new places, museums, art shows, and galleries. I’ve very much into modern art. photography, films, and a new source has been Instagram. I discovered some artists and other stylists I really like discover that I would have never known otherwise.

How would you describe your personal style?

Boyish, Minimalist, Modern, and Black.

How did you become a stylist? Were you always interested in fashion?

I wasn’t interested always interested in fashion as a career, but I loved fashion and I was always kind of a fashion pioneer in school, I liked to change the rules of the uniforms that we had to wear and stuff like that. I started at a business school and specialized in advertising. I was on the marketing side and I realized after spending all my time with the creative director that it was the creative side I was interested in. I met the photographer that was shooting the campaign I was working on and the agent of photographer really liked my personality and She said, “Why don’t you come work, and be a stylist for my photographers?” I didn’t even know what a stylist was.

Do you have any advice for an aspiring stylist?

Yes! Don’t start how I did, because that worked in those days but not anymore. In order to survive in the industry you have to assist a famous stylist who works full time at a magazine. So you enter the industry and make connections for yourself, and you learn. You learn a lot. It doesn’t come overnight. Many young stylists think they know it all, but truly it takes time, it takes experience, and you have to be patient. You have to learn and you have to learn from the best. I see so many of my prior assistants that are now styling and are very successful, which is such a joy to see, but you have got to do the home work.

Can you tell me about the place you call home?

Oh New York for sure. I’m from Paris but my home is in New York. It has been for the last 25 years.

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What does ‘fashion’ mean to you?

For me, fashion is something that I use to create an image. While I know a lot about design, construction, and history of fashion, I am more interested by the visual aspect. How with fashion we can create beauty, silhouettes, and shapes.

What would be your favorite fashion era?

The ‘90s. That was when the more artistic designers really emerged and it was just the most spectacular time of my life.

What has been your favorite shoot to style?

Clean Slate was the closest to my heart. The coolness and edginess of it, the more modern girl.

Was there a favorite accessory?

There were a few: The van style sneakers, the combat boots (which highlighted the casual chic flat shoes trend of AW), the cross body bags (which add a cool factor to any look), and for jewelry - I favor rings.

What do you think are some key trends for autumn?

Black. Every designer’s fall collection was very black this season.

Do you have one rule to keep in mind when you are building an outfit?

The silhouette. It’s always about the silhouette for me. Also the mixing and matching of the textures and colors. It’s about breaking the look, not being head to toe one thing. Have something elegant and cut it with something more casual or more rock and roll. It’s not the total look from the designer, you create your own looks.